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Introducing the Powdies Webshop

Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables each day can feel like a hassle. Locations without access to fresh options and busy lifestyles in the modern world can make it feel completely impossible. However, eating five servings each day is immensely important for achieving a healthy lifestyle. It gives us important nutrients and fibre that cannot be completely replaced by supplements. Fortunately, Powdies has been working on a product to make the five a day goal easier than ever and the wait is over! Beginning January 15th, Powdies will be offering nutritious fruit and vegetable drink mixes in five delicious flavors. Each drink mix carries 3.5 servings of fruits and vegetables, allowing users to nearly meet their daily goal in one step!

In addition to living a healthy lifestyle, we want to help eliminate food waste. Many fruits and vegetables each year are wasted because they are not consumed quickly enough. Powdies mixes have a shelf life of at least one year, which can help reduce this amount. Our product is also completely natural, with 100% of the ingredients in each mix made from dehydrated whole fruits and vegetables and no added sugars! Taste the difference for yourself!

Powdies aims to make a positive impact on the present without compromising the future, which is why we value sustainability and only source from organic and fair-trade farmers. To purchase Powdies products, please visit Shoppers will enjoy free delivery on any orders with ten or more mixes. Feel free to mix and match to find what flavors you like most! There are also biodegradable Powdies bottles available for purchase that mark exactly how much water to add, making drink preparation even easier.

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