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Powdies helps you stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

COVID-19 has affected almost every aspect of our lives: from the way we work, to the way we socialise to the way we eat. We can no longer head to the office, the restaurant or the pub to spend quality time with our friends.

Nonetheless, the COVID-19 situation has made the team at Powdies even more aware of the importance of quality nutrition to provide a strong immune system to fight off the virus. This is especially crucial since our immunity system is the primary line of defence, allowing us to recover quickly from the ordeal. People with compromised immunity systems are particularly at risks of developing serious symptoms.

Everyone at Powdies has been hard at work to find ways to boost people's immunity system at this critical time. We studied numerous medical papers and discussed with medical professionals different strategies to improving the public immunity system. Here in this blog, we would like to share some fundamental tips on how you could improve your immunity system on a daily basis:

  1. Eat loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are packed with vitamins and minerals essential for the upkeep of our immunity systems. For example, zinc and B groups play a critical role in arming our immune systems. Brightly fruits and vegetables are also recommended as they tend to contain the a wide variety of antioxidants

  2. Exercise is important. Not only does it improve our cardiovascular functions, it gives our body ammunition from Vitamin D that requires sunlight to be activated.

  3. Stay positive. Stress is detrimental to our immunity system. Find ways to destress such as cooking some colourful fruits and vegetables to brighten your day

Alongside this, the Powdies team is working hard to make healthy eating more convenient and accessible through developing our powder sachets and supply chain. We are also looking out to develop products for the most vulnerable groups of people such as elderly and homeless to help them stay happy and healthy.

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