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Sneak peek at Powdies' venture journey

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Powdies is set to launch our fruit and veggie drink mix sachets by the end of 2020 and we can’t wait to share with you our tasty, nutrient-rich and guilt-free selections! In the meantime, why not take a sneak peek at our venture journey since 2019!

Our mission: Making the consumption of fruits and vegetables easy, enjoyable and ethical

Powdies was founded by two veggie-lovers, Cathleen and Zach, in a university dorm kitchen in Cambridge. We love eating fruits and vegetables, creating innovative recipes out of it, and digging into the health benefits of different fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, having been surrounded by busy professionals, students and full-time mums, we also realise how difficult it is at times to achieve sufficient daily intake of fruits and vegetables (aka the 5 A Day). This could be due to the lack of time to grocery shop and meal prep, or simply the hassle of stockpiling short shelf-life and bulky fruits and vegetables at home.

With the vision of building a healthier community through the advocacy of healthy diet, our first instinct, as a food-lover, was to create an innovative food product which makes natural nutrients from fruits and vegetables conveniently accessible to the public.

Our first prototype was born

Through trial and error, we created our first drink mix in our home kitchen – 100% made from freshly dried fruits and vegetables. We were all amazed by how good and refreshing it tasted. The dehydration process also condensed 1 kg of fruits and vegetables into just 100 grams of powder which is easy to store and carry, making it perfect as an all-time stock and drink on-the-go.

Spreading our vision at competitions

With our first prototype, we started to conduct iterative testing on both the product itself and the technology behind. These included refining our recipes to optimise its delivery of micronutrients, working with manufacturers to develop a technology which dehydrates food efficiently while retaining maximal natural nutrients, and many more. Through months of backend development, customer research and taste testing, we established our first product series.

To help us gain some market validation and funding to push our products forward, we started to participate in a series of pitching, presentations and competitions. In just 6 months, we were so very delighted and humbled to have been awarded in the several international competitions and gained funding which had helped us accelerate:

  • Winner and £25k pre-seed funding - Downing Enterprise Competition

  • National Winner - Global Grand Challenges Summit Competition (organised by the Royal Academy of Engineering)

  • Winner and Crowd Favourite Award - Innovation in Food Security Venture Competition (organised by Cambridge Judge Business School)

  • Top 10 Global Finalist - ReThink Protein Challenge (organised by Wageningen University & Research)

Growing as a startup at Accelerators

We all know in order to bring an innovative product to life, business skills are indispensable. With an Engineering background, we were so grateful to have the opportunity to equip ourselves with invaluable business skills through two prestigious accelerator programmes: the Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) Accelerator, as well as the Royal Academy of Engineering Incubator. We were given master classes, business training and tailored one-on-one coaching sessions delivered by business experts in an array of specialisms and backgrounds.

Stay tuned with our product launch

Powdies is looking to officially launch our product to the market by the end of this year. Stay tuned by following our social media platforms to be the first one to know the news!

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