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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

We are excited to announce Powdies was selected as one of the five startups representing the UK in the Global Grand Challenges Summit (GGCS) 2019, alongside with ventures from the US and China. The 7-day summit at Queen Elizabeth Hall London was organised by the Royal Academy of Engineering. It was aimed to convene inspirational world leaders with the next generation of engineers and changemakers to build creative collaborations and help solve the grand challenges facing our future world.

Zhiqi, one of our Co-founders, represented the team and pitched to over 700 engineers, researchers and company representatives on how Powdies anticipates to use our technology to solve the world hunger problem - 'How can we feed a population which is growing to 10 billion by 2050, while facing accelerating degradation of the planet and its resources?'

Zhiqi shared with the participants how Powdies' dehydration technology could convert farm wasted fruits and vegetables into valuable natural nutrients demanded by the global population. He also explained the sustainable perspective of our business model - which is designed not only to offer an accessible dehydration facility to the farmers, but also to help them find more value in their surplus produces, while also saving million tonnes of food wastage.

In addition to that, we also distributed samples of Powdies drink mix sachets for all participants to try during the refreshment sessions. We are very pleased to receive so many positive feedback from the audience and are looking forward to sharing with everyone our final product soon again when it is officially launched!

Besides sharing our own vision, we also learnt a lot from the inspirational talks by the guest speakers. As a team with a strong engineering background, we realised even more the indispensable role of engineers in this society, especially under the unprecedented challenges faced by humanity. Engineers need to work in concerted effort with all stakeholders, this include the general public, the academia, different organisations, as well as the policymakers. The grand challenges of the future will also require minds across generations.

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