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Why is so much fruit and vegetable being wasted at household level?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Did you know that 50% of household food waste in EU countries consists of fruits and vegetables? This waste represents an enormous loss of the significant resources put forward to grow, process, and transport these fruits and vegetables in the hopes that someone will consume them. In the UK alone, every year, 1.1 million tonnes of fruit and 1.9 million tonnes of vegetables are wasted in households. Of this amount wasted, half is edible and safe to consume. The primary reason behind these massive amounts of waste is the short shelf life of fresh produce. For instance, berries last approximately one week in the fridge before they spoil, broccoli has a shelf life of 5-7 days, while uncut cantaloupe can last up to 10 days. Anything not eaten quick enough will likely end up in the waste bin. Other fruits and vegetables have varying storage times that are viewable here.

Unlike other foods, a majority of fruits and vegetables are seasonal. Blueberries and peaches taste best during summer, pears and grapes are freshest during the fall season, while mangos and strawberries are juiciest during spring. The large variety of fruits and vegetables available drives consumers to over purchase fresh produce when it’s widely available and cheaper in the markets. In this case, leftover portions go to waste. Some will say that saving bits and pieces in the freezer is a fantastic solution to eliminating waste. But, although storing produce that you’re unable to enjoy immediately seems like a more suitable alternative than throwing the excess produce remaining, not every household has the capacity for extra storage. It takes up more space than is expected.

Many of us live busy lives, working eight-hour shifts, driving kids to school early mornings, doing chores, going to the gym, cooking meals, and so on. As a result, we often pay little attention to how much food we throw out every day, whether that be leftovers we haven’t eaten or spoiled fresh produce. Half an apple here, a quarter box of berries there, and two bananas may not appear to be significant but remember it all adds up at the end. Every year in the UK, 86 pounds of fruit and vegetables are wasted per person. This is above the EU average of around 78 pounds a year per person across the 28 countries.

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